3-37-8 Hatagaya

Photo by Satoshi Nagare


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    Priority facilities for elderly people

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    Priority for expecting mothers

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    Baby care room

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    Priority for those with small children

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    Children’s toilet

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    Facilities for ostomy

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    Baby chair

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    Changing board


Miles Pennington / UTokyo DLX Design Lab


…With Toilet
Does a public toilet ever try to be the centre of attention in a local community? Public toilets can often become underused, lose their value to people and gradually forgotten. To try and reverse that trend we created ‘...With Toilet’. It is a public toilet combined with an additional functional space which can be used for various purposes by everyone. We hope that it will be used as an exhibition space, pop-up kiosk, small information center or a cozy meeting space, and become the center of the local community.

Architectural design: Kotaro Imai laboratory and Kentaro Honma laboratory from IIS, The University of Tokyo
マイルス・ ペニントン / 東京大学DLXデザインラボ

Miles Pennington is professor of Design Led Innovation and helps direct a unique international innovation lab at The University of Tokyo – the DLX Design Lab. Previously he was at the Royal College of Art in London and was Head of Programme of the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) joint Masters programme with Imperial College - he is an alumnus of the IDE programme and graduated in 1992. He was also founder and head of the international exchange programme Global Innovation Design (GID). In the past in parallel to his academic work he was a Director of the London office of the innovation consultancy Takram. He moved to Japan in September 2017 to join The University of Tokyo.




Public toilets must stand the test of time. In addition to our focus on designing impressive facilities, we at THE TOKYO TOILET believe that providing a comfortable user experience through cleaning and maintenance is equally important. The Nippon Foundation, the Shibuya City Government and the Shibuya Tourism Association will work together to maintain these facilities. We will also work with professional toilet inspectors to periodically survey the toilets to ensure we are providing the best user experience.

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