Nanago Dori Park

2-53-5 Hatagaya

Photo by Satoshi Nagare


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    Priority facilities for elderly people

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    Priority for those with small children

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    Facilities for ostomy

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    Changing board


Kazoo Sato / Disruption Lab Team

Creative Director

Hi Toilet - a “contactless” toilet

My inspiration to design a fully voice activated toilet came about after much research and reading around users' behaviours in public toilets across Europe and the US to avoid contact with the surface; 60% stepping on toilet levers to flush, 50% opening the door with toilet paper, 40% closing the door with hip, 30% avoiding hand-contact as much as possible by using elbow.

After three years of research, planning and designing, we came up with the concept of the VOICE COMMAND Toilet, “Hi Toilet” where all commands were activated by voice. This idea has been in place long before the arrival of COVID-19, but COVID accelerated the acceptance of this unique user experience in terms of “toilets being contactless”. If this toilet could deliver a “Clean City Tokyo” image to the world, I would be extremely happy.

Assistance on External Design: quantum
Assistance on Architectural Design: Kubo Tsushima Architects
Assistance on Voice Command: Birdman
佐藤カズー / Disruption Lab Team

Born in 1973. After working for Sony Music Entertainment, joined TBWA Hakuhodo in September 2010. Received numerous awards both in Japan and abroad for works that transcend the boundaries of media. Served on the jury at Cannes in the film category in 2012 and the product design category in 2017, as well as other international awards in various fields, including design, digital, and promotion.
2011 JAAA Creator of the Year Medalist
2013 Campaign Magazine Japan/Korea Creative of the Year
2019 PEN Creator of the Year Award


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Public toilets must stand the test of time. In addition to our focus on designing impressive facilities, we at THE TOKYO TOILET believe that providing a comfortable user experience through cleaning and maintenance is equally important. The Nippon Foundation, the Shibuya City Government and the Shibuya Tourism Association will work together to maintain these facilities. We will also work with professional toilet inspectors to periodically survey the toilets to ensure we are providing the best user experience.

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