For a city that turns differences into strength

People from all walks of life come to live in Shibuya. Some attend school or work in Shibuya while others come for movies, music, art, theater, or shopping. The atmosphere of Shibuya changes from morning to night. Looking at the people walking through the streets, you notice that the city attracts a diverse group of people, including the elderly, people with disabilities, people with children, sexual minorities, and people with foreign roots. In Shibuya, the city has begun a project to build public toilets that can be used safely and comfortably by a wide variety of people. THE TOKYO TOILET project used the ideas of 16 different creators to install new forms of public restrooms across 17 different locations in Shibuya. THE TOKYO TOILET, which is an indispensable project for Shibuya and its goal to “turn differences into strengths,” will help change the unappealing image of public toilets. Just as Shibuya is a cultural center of fashion and music, I hope that the project will send a message to the country and world about a new style of public toilets. I look forward to serving people through these facilities, and may the project become an opportunity for the city to offer its residents and visitors both happiness and entertainment.


Shibuya Ward Mayor
Ken Hasebe


In addition to the team at Shibuya City and their full support for this project, we would like to thank Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. for toilet design and construction and TOTO Ltd. for providing toilet equipment and layout. This section is dedicated to the messages we have received from our collaborators and supporters.