Experience the infinite possibilities of architecture

Most of the buildings that Daiwa House Industry designs and constructs are done in-house by our engineers. Our engineers are responsible for adhering to costs, laws and regulations, and construction schedules and for completing and delivering buildings that satisfy our clients. As a company whose philosophy is focused on “industrializing construction,” we are not used to seeking out unexpected solutions and goals. Our work style that we have developed over the years turned out to be completely different from that of THE TOKYO TOILET. From the start, it was easy to imagine that each public toilet, created by renowned architects and designers, would have its own unique design and that the construction of these toilets would not be straightforward. Even then, we thought that if we could participate in the project in conjunction with architects and designers to create something that brings joy to its users, it would become a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only for our engineers but for the entire company. By participating in this project, we often had to jump over hurdles that were higher than we had ever imagined. But every step of our negotiation, coordination, design, and construction that led to the completion of THE TOKYO TOILET taught us lessons that have become important assets to our company knowledge. We hope that you will come and experience these unique public toilets and the infinite possibilities of architecture.


Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer, Tokyo Head Branch General Manager


In addition to the team at Shibuya City and their full support for this project, we would like to thank Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. for toilet design and construction and TOTO Ltd. for providing toilet equipment and layout. This section is dedicated to the messages we have received from our collaborators and supporters.